Welcome to the End Times 

The End Times have begun – and you can expect some gnashing of teeth, and for some, a one way trip to the Flames of Hell. In astonishing ways the legends and mythologies of the past are being revealed as true, substantiated through recent advances in neuroscience and our understanding of quantum physics.  

Healing for our spirits, minds and bodies is waiting for you.  Take up the challenge and begin understanding yourself a spirit clothed in flesh who is already One with Christ.  

No one said this was going to be a walk in the park – though that is not exactly safe in many parts of the world today, either. But walks in parks which are entirely clean and organically maintained will be, and the coming changes will bring with them amazing and joyful improvements for most of us.  

The Earth will also heal.  

The End Times are not the end of a world as much as they are a beginning for a world which reflects the values most of humanity tried to live.  

These are Peace, Justice, and Care of the Earth. 

As Thomas Paine wrote on January 10, 1776

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”  

​It was then, and remains, Common Sense.

It's happening as you read this. 

Be Not Afraid – which is easier said than done when every day you hear more shocking and horrifying news, with photographs, of war, oppression, death, and destruction.  

The Greedy, now desperately trying to hold their course for greed, power, and control are losing, though this is probably not yet obvious. They want you to be afraid so you sit shivering and doing nothing to get in the way of their plans. They need you to be afraid so they can continue to steal your power.  

But hold this in your mind. Their plans are shredding on the will, hopes, and love of billions.  

This site ties together several other sites which lead to information and resources which make what is going on comprehensible, moving beyond attempts to scare us into immobility. There is much to be done and to accomplish the best possible transition to a world which will be truly wonderful.  

We begin by understanding and healing ourselves and those around us.