Prospering in a world of rapid change requires us to lose our fear and sense the direction change is taking so we can participate and assist these changes happen. 

The past, the Greed Grid model for business imposed a perpetual flow of income into their coffers.  Often this could only take place because of government, which suppressed competition and cooperation, mandating how people could cooperate with others.  

Many people are working to change this and their work is paying off.  Crowd funding and alternatives are cropping up like a glory of dandelions after the rain.   

Commerce, as a way people work together is accelerating.  

Instead of piling up vast fortunes many are now experimenting with ways to do business which spreads prosperity widely.  Self-publishing is providing steady income for many.  The music industry is beginning to bypass the heavy cost of promoters who take most of the profits and going directly to those who love their music. 

Prospering in the coming world requires seeing what needs to be done and focusing on how to structure yourself and what you want to do, hopefully something which nourishes you spiritually,  into ways your own work assists others while no one is exploited.

On our online magazine, American Vision, we will be publishing interviews of people who have taken these steps aready. 

This is happening in the world of High Tech with open source software and hardware.  It is trying to happen with energy and transportation.   We are tracking these developing technologies and will also tell their stories.  

What holds us back, all too often, is fear and anxiety.  If this is an issue for you there is good news.  You can lose the anxiety quickly and inexpensively.      On the Heal Ourselves page you will find a brief explanation for this.  On the Resources Page this is a list with multiple approaches for healing energy, most high tech, some requiring no technology at all.  

You may find a healing modality which you want to start practicing yourself.  Energy healing reduces the use of pharmaceuticals and the aggressive approaches of Big Medicine, also a Grid.

There are many ways to stop the flow of money into bottomless pockets which are the source of the present problem.  In our online magazine, American Vision, we will be reviewing projects now so sign up! 

With Gridless Alternatives the cost of living well will drop, changing our needs and views of work.