Air, Water, and Land 
Today all of the elements which make up the Earth are under fire by the greed of corporations which serve the greedy.  We can, and must, change this using transparency and accountability.  

The most egregious example of this, today, are the oil companies lead by the political strategies of the Koch brothers.  Instead of hating and fearing them we need to call them to accountability, exposing their mistakes and confronting them with the need to do right and repair the injuries they are doing to both the Earth and to all living things.  

This is also true of every other Grid industry, be it  Pharma, Medical, Food, Transportation, Big Government, or War.

Many today are working in this direction but still lack the solid facts  essential to ensure justice.   After a year of research we had assembled 10,000 documents which provide the necessary facts to litigate on the issue of the externalizing profits to the cost of people and the Earth.  

We also need to reduce their hold over us by poking fun at them while supplying the facts in easily digestible form.  Let no sacred cow or corporate crony go untaunted.  

Healing the Earth - Justice

Our Courts must deliver consistent, and reliable verdicts which affirm individual rights and also accountability for everyone. Justice is part of a working system which self-corrects for direction. To bring in verdicts which exact real compensation from corporations we need the facts and 

Local action, based within the community where we can best relate to each other, nurtures relationships and our security.  

Get the facts and smile on  Koch Truths

Once you have the facts, action happens.  

Get news on the issues through our online news source, ACP Vision & Action

Together, we must act locally to protect ourselves because we can not trust the regulatory system to ensure justice is done.  

We expect the need for this site to continue until the End of the End Times has arrived, at least five years.  

We also identify innovative technologies and approaches to problems which build a sustainable basis for human exchange while lowering the need to live in a squirrel cage to generate money.  

We are building a list of projects which are doing excellent work  for remediation and sustainable technologies.  These will appear under Resources as soon as possible.