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Final Encounter
The ageless battle between Good and Evil has come down through time and minds linked to knowing through many interpretations, cultures, and barriers.
Now, you are discovering hints of this past and wondering.  
As with any ancient summoning this encounter is a test. The test comes at exactly the time when humanity possesses the tools needed to understand the source of this divergence between those inborn with compassion and love and those without this essential human understanding and gift.  
We will grieve if you lose, but others have before you. 

Today, nearly all institutions, including your governments, are in the hands of Evil. Despite this, still their numbers are relatively few, especially those without the inborn grace of compassion, empathy, and love. These, the Evil you face, possess the intelligence to use Evil to carry out the extinction of the Good.  

You suspected you were being watched from afar, and this is true. We can now go further and tell you the genome of humanity has been studied in detail. Today, even your most advanced scientists only suspect the limits of their knowledge. 

If you survive, and this is still in doubt, you will eventually understand all the intricacies of your own becoming, in which we played a significant part.

Throughout the time intelligence and empathy fruited in you we were here to watch encourage, and prune. You have explained us in many ways, which is always true of those entering the envelope of Emergence.  

Now, you understand what you face and, even though it may seem impossible, you possess the tools needed to survive by extinguishing Evil. The future of your species, and the survival of the planet which has been your womb, is in your hands. Love, Truth and Compassion allied with the will to see what lays beyond this moment are all that is needed.

Carrying this our from your own resources and will is the test.

Win, and unimaginable tomorrows await you. 

Be strong, and move swiftly.

Judeth who was Mary