Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

What we believe controls and limits what is possible for us. To change this we need to understand how the mind and body cooperatively work, using our genes as options as what we believe, true or untrue, determines the outcomes.  

I use the term 'arrested paradigm' for this phenomenon, but how ever you put it the evidence has shown this is true for all of us.  

Today, you can read about the discoveries which have proven much of what we 'believed' about our limitations are wildly inaccurate.  

You are in control of your destiny, if you chose to believe it is so. And having faith strengthens you in this.  

Over the last decades studies by medical professionals with impeccable credentials have shown your DNA can be modified by your environment and by what you believe. The studies have been replicated and the results confirmed.  

Your trajectory in life can be altered by knowing this is true.  

           Such studies have proven: 

           Prayer works, even when the person being prayed for does not know it.  

           Genes may be activated by memories, feelings, thoughts in under two seconds. 

           Activation signals for our DNA come from outside the cell.  

          Prayer can alter outcomes in the past. 

        Kids who are failing in math can vastly improve their skills if they understand the plasticity of the brain allows them to improve.  

           Your brain can repair itself and reorganize, even after a severe brain injury. 

The End Time is the end of isolation and limitation for all who choose this.  

Our bodies are networks for enabling these changes using the quantum communication system which knits together our bodies and minds to others.  

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