Let the Holy Spirit Move You

We are One in the Spirit, We are One in the Lord.  
Christianity began as the Spirit-filled faith of Jesus who called to humanity to respond with the living and immediate power of faith.  It was this faith which drew from those then living communities inspiring them to put aside selfishness and greed, opening them to the larger consciousness which redeemed and freed them from spiritual limitations.   

Believing, they saw each other and their relationship with Christ, who had died for them and still lived in them.  This is an immediate faith, the touch of the hand of Christ on us which accepts what is sent as a message,  freeing us to love without limit.  

Revival of this original connection with Christ has been drawn forth from us, renewing faith and changing the world around us, for nearly the entire 2,000 years since Jesus walked among us en-fleshed. 

Over and over again Revival, the gift of the Holy Spirit, has moved us as individuals and in community to renew our relationship with each other and God.   

It comes upon us asked, and unasked.  It comes in joy, like a fire of the spirit to renew and nurture us so we can do the will of Him who died to free us from sin.  

Today, we are calling for a renewal of faith, asking Spirit to come.  As Evan Roberts said in 1904, "Bend me, Lord."  Take and make of us tools of your will, acting on Earth to call others to faith in you.  

Every day we send our prayers for Revival.  Many of us have chosen as our time of prayerful joining to dedicated the hour of 10:00pm to send out the prayer below.  

A Prayer for Revival

Dear Lord, who knows me completely in every part of my being.  Send to me, to my church family and to my community the healing renewal of faith which is the gift of the Holy Spirit and Your Son, Jesus Christ.  

Show us the power of your love and forgiveness.  Grant us the will to more fully embrace You in pureness of heart and singleness of purpose.  

And this we pray, humbly and wholly, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer.  

Please pray with us for revival as the work continues in fulfillment of the Word and this passage through anguish to peace.  

Open yourself for Revival.  Breathe in the Love, Acceptance and Peace.  And with this filling you, find compassion for those who will not see, understand, or know Love.