Healing 'Them' is not always possible - but we need to try. 
First - Who is 'Them?'

They followed Lucifer out of Heaven, according to Biblical text.  Other versions of the ancient story
 place them as aliens running the Garden of Eden as a breeding operation.  The variations are many but they, themselves, have not changed, and they are among us. 

Today we know them not as demons but as psychopaths.  They do not usually look like the image in the header above, but like ordinary people.  Children as young as two have been identified as psychopaths, though practitioners are reluctant to do this.  

The Economist, the preeminent British journal on economics, began publishing articles on those with the condition in 2004.  This eventually resulted in linking the present economic meltdown with the presence of psychopaths in power positions in finance and other economically critical arenas.

These insights changed the perception most psychopaths are criminals.  Most are not, but they are highly predatory.  

Every year psychopaths cost Americans 460 billion dollars and incalculable human suffering.  Their presence in government, especially at the Federal level, has made the corporate strategy for perpetual war a reality.     

Dr. Robert Hare, the first scientist to provide a test which reliably identifies psychopaths, also provides a list of their characteristics. Dr. Hare's site. Dr. Hare has said officers of corporations should be tested for psychopathy.  

Characteristics of Psychopathy

Through advances in neuroscience we now know these disordered individuals do not have a conscience.  Using advanced tools, such as the fMRI, we have moved well beyond speculation to accepted fact.

Those without conscience are among us.  Now that we know this what can be done to protect normal people and can these disordered individuals change?

 Some believe it is not possible, this includes scientists in neurobiology.  Others, believe it can happen,  Father Teo, a former Catholic priest, today has a ministry which works with psychopaths without their knowledge.  Using a clairvoyant, a team focuses on awakening a conscience in the individual.  The process takes time.  Their last case took two years of daily work.

Father Teo believes these individuals, or disembodied entities occupying human bodies, can choose to change, but it must be their choice.  He views his work as enabling their choice of different behavior through surrender to God, allowing them to become One with Christ. 

Father Teo also encapsulates demons, returning them to God for processing and the rate at which this is happening is rising rapidly.  He accepts it is not possible to change those who choose otherwise.  

Legends of the Fall is our site, providing resources for understanding, protecting ourselves, and offering choice to the disordered, be they called psychopaths or demons.   Expect that these individuals will need some tough love, being confronted with reality in ways which are traumatic for them.  But their only alternative is far worse.   

How to deliver Tough Love to Psychopaths AKA PsiVampires and Demons of all kinds.