The Change - A Crisis of Love and Acceptance
A Changing Church Creating a Crisis

During the past few months we have been concerned about the change and crisis that has begun to take place within the Catholic Church, and we have felt that it was necessary to explain what is happening so that sincere Catholics and Christians will not become
confused. Today we wish to express the problem in another way.

The other night after prayer a comment was made by a member that the phrase “Holy Mother the Church” was no longer true because this “Holy Mother” was neither holy nor a mother. Rather, she was a harlot, a vampire.

The comment, as strong as it is, can be true in this sense: the attitude and actions coming from the different Offices of the Vatican do indicate that something is wrong. Their attitudes and actions of “demanding” obedience, punishing, condemning, even the willingness to fight, etc., are not the characteristics of a true mother towards her children. This is not acting as a holy person nor as a mother. But, since this is not something new, then who is she? How did this attitude happen?

For centuries, our Protestant brothers have said that the harlot of Babylonia in Revelation Chapter 17 & 18 referred to the Church of Rome, the Catholic Church. Knowing the attitudes of the church’s past history, along with those of today, it is difficult to deny their observation. But are they talking about the Church of Rome or the “Vatican” church of Rome? The two are not exactly the same. So, what has happened?

The separation began at the time of the Apostles with St James’ insistence that the church was to be Jewish, maintaining its connection to the temple. St Paul’s teaching and the destruction of Jerusalem ended that controversy. With time, because of the Gnostic movement in the early church, the church leaders began to put more emphasis on dogma and Scripture rather than on one’s conversion to living love, compassion and the sharing of healing.

When Pope Leo the Great become the emperor of Rome the negative emphasis began to solidify itself even more within the church. Even down through the centuries the church’s attitude of evangelization proclaimed the wrong emphasis. Its theme was to “conquer” the world for Jesus, a verb that does not contain love. Finally, with the founding of Vatican City the negative emphasis had become the primary voice of the church. She functions more like a human government or organization than as a Church. The harlot of Babylonia.

Jesus revealed to us the existence of the Holy Trinity, and we understand that to mean that there are Three Persons in One God who are a Divine Family, the Son of God proceeding from the Father and Holy Spirit who is the Divine Mother.1 When the time arrived for the Son of God to come to earth, it was the Holy Spirit, uniting totally with Mary and our Father, who gave birth to the Son’s becoming man, who is called Jesus. This created the second Family of God. Then,

1 The present Roman Nicene Creed states that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. The Constantinople Nicene Creed still states the original Nicene Creed which said that the Holy Spirit proceeded only from the Father. The two Churches separated in the 11th century because the Roman Church made this change in the Nicene Creed without calling a Council of the whole Church.
when it was time for the resurrected Jesus to be “transformed” and be present again on earth it was the Holy Spirit in union with the Father who gave birth to the Body of Christ at Pentecost, the Body of Christ, the Church. Thus, a third Divine Family of God was created.

In all three Families the child that proceeded or came forth from the Holy Spirit radiated the very being of who She, the Holy Spirit is. 1. The Son of God radiated all the glory of God. He is, always was and always will be Her Image and Likeness. 2. Jesus radiated all the glory of God.
He was made to Her image and likeness. And 3. From the account in the Acts of the Apostles the first Christians also radiated all the glory of God. They too were made to Her image and likeness. And so it is with all of us Christians down through the centuries. This is our Glory. After all, there is no other way that the Holy Spirit, as the Divine Mother, can give birth. She can only give and create who She is.2

In Jesus day, the church structure of the Jewish religion did not allow the true presence of a loving and compassionate God to exist among them. The Jewish priests and rabbis down through the centuries had taken control of God’s word. Their emphasis was designed to maintain their power and wealth, all in the name of God. That emphasis not only put the true image of God, a God of love and compassion, in second place, but eventually ignored it. So, when Jesus appeared in their midst both living this divine love, and teaching that He and the Father were One, and that the Father was infinite unconditional compassion, He had to be killed for the sake of the survival of the manmade part of the Jewish religion.

That same attitude was picked up by the Christian clergy after Pentecost when doctrine, leadership control and money began to be threatened. The Holy Spirit was gradually replaced by the harlot of Babylonia again, only this time, she claimed to herself the title Holy Mother the Church instead of Shekinah. Of course she could claim that title because she was defending the church against all heretical and sinful people. She condemned them, put them down, executed them, and waged war against them. All in the name of God. But all the time she managed to keep the true Mother of the Church, the Holy Spirit, in a cage well locked up, allowing her to come out only when needed to confect a sacrament, like baptism.

Here is a recent example of how the Vatican has functioned recently as the harlot. About three years ago the Office of Liturgy and Sacraments demanded that their new literal translation of the liturgical prayers from Latin be accepted by all. That was harmful enough because a literal translation is never a good one, but they also changed something that was most important.

The faithful after receiving Holy Communion were to remain standing when they returned to their pews and were to continue singing a hymn. This rubric removed the private prayer time that the faithful had during this personal encounter with Jesus in Holy Communion. The Vatican Office indirectly was saying that Holy Communion was now a ritual because they had removed the time that was used to experience a love relationship with Jesus, an opportunity to bond together with Him in an affectionate love encounter. Most Catholics are probably unaware of what is happening here.

2 We realize that the official Roman Catholic Church does not accept the Person of the Holy Spirit as the Divine Feminine in the Godhead. Yet, every act of the Holy Spirit in Scripture is one of giving birth, formation and nurturing of us humans. Besides, without Her as Mother, the very Trinity itself is not a true family of Persons.

It would seem that Cardinal Ratzinger realized some of this negative attitude because he sought to reform the Vatican Bank of which Revelation speaks. But since he had lived in the Vatican environment for years as the head of the office that excommunicated many people and priests, the harlot’s influence on him was more than he could disconnect himself from. Nevertheless, the presence of the Holy Spirit was truly in him despite that evil influence because he was humble and courageous enough to resign.

Over three years ago Cardinal Bergoglio was elected Pope. He took the name Francis and stunned the Vatican as well as the world. He moved into the Vatican Hotel instead of the Papal palace; he does not submit his words and thoughts to a Vatican Office before he speaks, and most of all he insists that the Church, as a shepherd, is to smell like the sheep by living in their midst, and that she is to show love and compassion to all, first and foremost, in her work and ministry.

Jim Wallis in the Sojourner Magazine put it this way: “Francis is intent not on upending Catholic Church doctrine but on changing Church emphasis and tone. He seeks to transition the image of the Church from dogmatic and infallible to being humble and present in the world’s pain, suffering, and challenges.”

The harlot in the Vatican has now found herself struggling for her very breath. She has begun to unite her clerical followers along with their worldly friends of wealth and power to do all they can to stop Francis and his movement from emphasis on dogma/law/commandments to emphasis on love and compassion, to our becoming truly who we are, the children of our beloved Mother, the Holy Spirit.

Frances has said in so many words: no more fighting one another over who’s right about Scripture and dogma. No more “my way or the highway.” No more clinging to earthly possessions ignoring the poor among us, but rather we are to love one another with all the love of our heart and soul, sharing what we have with each other, praying and rejoicing together in the Lord’s loving embrace. In other words, living the life of Pentecost.

The change and crisis has begun, and when it becomes more established it will create chaos among the faithful of all churches. The Catholics have the Vatican that exerts authority and control. Some Protestant Churches misuse the Bible to exert authority and control. Both are used in a way that creates separation from one another instead of a unity that flows from Divine Love. The very actions and words of both betray the presence of the harlot secretly dwelling within.

St. Paul’s statement has always been hard to accept: Love fulfills the law. Love is Love no matter where it is. Love expressed by blacks, whites, browns, Americans, the Islamite, Hindus, whomever, may be shared differently, but it is still the same Love that is shared in all because Love is God. The Church of Love is the same. Her Love may be shared differently by the Baptist, Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodist, and all the rest, but it is still the same Love that is shared. Love is God. We are all ONE in that Love. We are the Christed children in the Family of our Triune God. We are the Body of Christ Jesus on this earth who also is the Son of God in the one and only Divine Family. We are Love because God is Love.

June 20, 2015