Providing Steps on the Path

Find, or grow,  Organic Food Nearby
​    MetroFarm 
        Learn how to start a business growing
    Urban Homestead
        A Path to Freedom, forums and How-To-Do-It
    Local Harvest
        Find what you want nearly, CSA's included
    Citrus In the Snow 
        Grow all year, anyplace, with free energy

Organic Pest Control 
   A free downloadable PDF

Build Yourself, and Your Community, Off Grid 
    Knowing about what works is the first step.  We will get into more of this as we establish the Sharing Tank, an open source, or Knowledge Commons, on what you can do in your community to secure, and strengthen, your connections with those around you.  

Energy & Transportation 

    Pure Energy Systems 

Building Technologies 

   Smart Material Systems

​Information on Health 
   Natural News

Energy Healing 

   Epigenetic Medicine

   American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA)

    Emotional Freedom Technique

    Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

More Ways to Heal

    Taub Institute
       The Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer's Disease and the Aging Brain is the nucleus of a dynamic, multidisciplinary endeavor.
      Taub  Clinic
        Taub Therapy Clinic is located at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital. Browse through the links to learn more about Taub Therapy Clinic and some of the patients who have gotten their lives back.